Frying Fish and Other Applicable Clichés

January 8, 2010

Dear Fickle One,

Enough is enough, you know. Really. Three years of push/pull are enough even for my legendary equanimity and patience.

Yes, you’re cute. Yes, you’re witty, and smart, and can talk my pants off effortlessly. Yes, blah blah blah.

Remember, though… you are hardly unique. I’ve had my pants talked off by cuter, wittier and smarter than you.

Go talk to the allegedly dull one who is fucking you to death, and the apparently insane one who just wants a good spanking, and the obviously flexible one who will stand on her head for you. Then, when you figure out what you really want, come back and tell me all about it.

And I’ll tell you all about those other fish (there are plenty in the sea, I hear, and others to fry).

Bye bye big boy.


2 Responses to “Frying Fish and Other Applicable Clichés”

  1. YLHF Says:


    I always stand amused when folks overestimate their wit, smarts and words… and the power thereof

    Gotta have some heart in there too, somewhere…

  2. bohemienne Says:

    Heart is a terribly maligned and underrated quality.

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